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Maria Corte

Best New Ideas in Money: Gifts That Pay Off

The Best New Ideas in Money: Gifts That Pay Off

Our guide to giving presents that deliver real and lasting value.

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How give the gift of a college education instead of an iPad — and sell the idea to your kids

Why you should put some holiday gift money into a 529 plan, and how to ask family members to do the same.

by Andrew Keshner
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How to give someone a better career for Christmas

The nature of work is changing, and these services will enable your friends and family to adapt with it.

by Jacob Passy
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Want to spark joy with your gifts this holiday season? Scientists have a solution

Look beyond the initial reaction of the person opening the gift to find that transformative present.

by Leslie Albrecht
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These luxury-fashion gifts could come in handy for a rainy day

Resale values on items from brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci can make the high price tags worth it for the right person.

by Tonya Garcia
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Want to help someone retire well? Consider the gift of a ‘retirement coach’

Being content in retirement is about more than having enough money. A retirement coach can help.

by Alessandra Malito